Do You Stir Clockwise?

So, do you stir clockwise? Does it even matter? Well, stirring ingredients, even of everyday meals, is a simple magic that’s worth adding to your daily routine. You’re not just mixing the ingredients and preventing them from sticking to the bottom of the pan. You’re adding your energy and intention to the transformation process. At the most basic level, you’re using energy to physically stir the ingredients, but you’re also adding the energy of your intentions. If you’re happy to be preparing the meal and happy to be sharing it with someone, then these positive energies are infused into your cooking. And, of course, the opposite is also true.

Think of the traditional image of a witch stirring a cauldron, while muttering an incantation! Now, you don’t need to mutter an incantation….although you could…but each time you stir you’re adding your energy to the meal.

So what should you do?

I read somewhere that we’re naturally inclined to stir counterclockwise (or anticlockwise). I’m not sure how true this is, but I have noticed that my kids always do and I always remind them to change direction. They’re only young kids, but I’m more than a little superstitious!! The association of right with good and left with bad is found in many cultures. In magic, we stir clockwise to attract and counterclockwise to banish. Or, we might stir clockwise to do good and counterclockwise to do harm. Many witches use the word widdershins for clockwise and deosil for counterclockwise. I quite like these terms, but, honestly, it never occurs to me to use them in everyday life.

Next time you’re preparing a meal, try stirring consciously. If you wish to attract something into your life, then stir clockwise and, while you do so, set your intentions. Focus on the things you wish to attract – perhaps a more peaceful home, prosperity, success. You can focus on whatever you please, however, in my own practice I focus on my family and home when I’m preparing a meal. It doesn’t make sense to me to set an intention regarding a project at work when I’m preparing a regular meal for my family. When I’m cooking an everyday meal, I’m immersing myself in my home life and so, I’m simply adding a little magic to the meal while I cook it.

When you wish to banish something, stir counterclockwise. Maybe you’d like to banish negativity, disharmony, or money problems. No problems there. However, you may wish to pay someone back for harming you, but you should be aware that it’s not a good idea to infuse meals for your family with negative energy. This should be saved for when you’re actually spellcasting and of course you shouldn’t do this lightly.

A Word of Caution

I’ve seen posts online that say you should stir your tea counterclockwise three times if you want to banish ill-health. Please don’t rely on this if you’re seriously ill. You need to see a medical professional. Then, if you wish to incorporate witchcraft into your healing process, take a holistic approach. This can involve spellcasting, meditation, lifestyle changes, self-care, and so on.  Simply stirring your tea counterclockwise 3 times and hoping for the best, is not going to restore you to good health. However, this holistic approach will make all of you magic and spellcasting more powerful and effective.

Simple Yet Effective

When you’re feeling a little witchy, or perhaps looking for ways to add a little magic to your home, try stirring consciously. It’s one of the simplest yet effective magical rituals you can practise.

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