The Fool Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Coleman Smith, 1909.

The Fool Keywords: New beginnings, Optimism, Spontaneity, Adventurous, Risk-Taking

The Fool Tarot Card Description

Key 0: The Fool is the card of new beginnings, where anything is possible because, as yet, nothing has been manifested into reality. When we look at The Fool he is about to step off a precipice and set out on a journey into the unknown. There is a sense of joy and exuberance about him as he sets off. He holds his head high and is full of confidence in his mission. He has everything he needs in the little bag he carries on a wand over his shoulder. I believe the bag contains a symbol from each of the three suits, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Together with the wand that carries the bag, he has all he needs for his journey. However, he hasn’t learned how to use these yet and will have to learn through experience.

The Fool holds a white rose very carefully in his left hand. In the language of flowers, the white rose symbolizes purity and white flowers in general are associated with new beginnings. The Fool is idealistic and innocent. In many Tarot decks The Fool is accompanied by a small dog. Dogs represent companionship and protection. The little dog depicted in the Rider Waite Smith deck is exuberant and playful. However, he also seems to be warning The Fool of unseen danger as he steps off into the unknown.

What The Fool Means In A Tarot Reading

The Fool is about new beginnings and new experiences. When he makes an appearance, you can expect a time of new growth…a new phase in your life. The Fool isn’t afraid of taking this journey into the unknown and nor should you be. It’s time to take a leap of faith and trust that the universe will guide you along the way. You should enter this new phase of your life with an open mind, unburdened by negativity.

The new beginnings indicated by The Fool will potentially be life-changing. If there is a choice to be made, the Seeker needs to be careful to choose wisely. While The Fool has a tendency to be rash and hasty, the Seeker needs to exercise control if he or she is to avoid making a foolish decision. The Fool will either soar from the cliff or fall from the precipice depending on the choice he or she makes.

The Fool Love And Relationships Tarot Meaning

In a reading about love, The Fool indicates the beginning of a new relationship or a new phase in a relationship. This will be an exciting time. The Fool is spontaneous and fun-loving, and the relationship will be likewise. If, however, the Seeker is looking for a more serious commitment, then he or she will need to take care that they don’t get too carried away by the exuberance of The Fool’s energy. A solid relationship will need care and attention, and so will need to move forward from the innocence and adventurous spirit of The Fool.

The Fool Career Tarot Meaning

Again, new beginnings will be significant here. It may indicate the start of a new career, or a new project. The Fool is about limitless potential that hasn’t yet manifested anything. The sky’s the limit when The Fool makes an appearance, but there’s no substance to that potential as yet. It will be up to the Seeker to make use of their potential and of these new opportunities.

The Fool Correspondences And Attributions