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Tarot helps us to navigate our way through life’s challenges. Reading the cards helps us to delve deep into our subconscious for insight and answers.

I know that we often seek a Tarot reading when we’re having problems in our lives. When you come to me for a reading your privacy is paramount. I approach all readings with sensitivity and compassion, and will help you dig deep so that you can see and understand the knowledge you hold within yourself.

A reading with me can help you gain clarity and understanding. Perhaps you have a difficult decision to make. Perhaps you’ve been through a challenging event and are unsure of the road ahead. Maybe you can’t understand how you ended up in your situation, or what lies ahead on your current path. You might even be pondering life’s profound questions.

For guidance and help in your life’s journey, please click the link below to book a reading with me.

Latest from Silver Owl Tarot

Queen of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

The Queen of Wands embodies a mature Fire energy. This is someone attractive, warm, kind, generous, optimistic, confident, full of energy, creative, organized, and ambitious, who gets on well with others and is well-liked. When you see this Queen in a reading, someone like this Queen may be about to have an impact on your life, or it may also be you that will embody the characteristics of this Queen. This Queen’s traits and characteristics may be just the qualities you need to deal with the situation you’re reading about.

Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

This Knight is the embodiment of pure Fire energy. This is someone dynamic, optimistic, courageous, enthusiastic, charming, confident, competitive, driven (especially when it comes to their career), and extroverted. They’re creative, full of new ideas, quick to make decisions and quick to act on those decisions. These are all attractive qualities in a person, but of course this Knight also embodies the less attractive qualities of a Fire personality.

Page of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

The Page of Wands is youthful, enthusiastic, energetic, and free-spirited. This is somebody who is optimistic about the future and believes that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. To further understand this Page’s traits and characteristics, just think about the element of Fire – passionate, energetic, creative, motivated, competitive, highly emotional.

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