The Moon Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Coleman Smith, 1909.

The Moon Keywords: Illusion, Imagination, Subconscious, Intuition, Mystery

The Moon Tarot Card Description

A waxing moon, contained within the sun, shines its reflected light on the scene below. Leaves from the Tree of Life descend upon the scene like moon rays. In the foreground a crayfish, representing our primitive selves, clambers out of the pool of the unconscious. A winding path leads from this pool, between two pillars, and into the mountains in the distance. We last saw these pillars in the Death card, where the sun was just beginning to rise between them. Here, in The Moon card, the sun has risen high in the sky and we can see that the moon is contained within it. On either side of the path, we see a dog and a wolf howling at the moon. The wolf represents the wild, animal nature within all of us, while the dog represents the tame side of our nature. 

What The Moon Means In A Tarot Reading

The Moon is a card of mystery, uncertainty, imagination, intuition, secrets, deception, repressions, duality, the subconscious, and more. Its meaning in a reading will vary a lot according to your question, circumstances, and its position in a spread.

When The Moon appears in a reading you should prepare to work on your shadow self. Aspects of yourself that you have been subconsciously repressing are likely to emerge from your subconscious and cause tension. The Moon is calling your attention to these issues and now is the time to work through them. There will be a struggle as they come into your conscious awareness, but this is the right time for this process and for doing this work.

The moon’s light is a reflection of the sun’s light. It distorts reality, firing up our imaginations and inspiring us. Creativity will be enhanced. Indulge in your creative passions if you feel called to do so. Your dreams may be more bizarre and vivid than usual. You may become aware of things you wouldn’t normally notice at all.

You may find that talents that have lain dormant and hidden within you are now coming to the fore. The Moon shines a light on things we don’t normally see, and it’s also true that moonlight allows us to see everyday things in a new way.

There may be deception around you when The Moon makes an appearance. It’s quite possible that someone is hiding information from you or trying to deceive you. Take your time before committing to anything. It’s very likely that you don’t have all the facts yet.

This is a time of uncertainty for you when you won’t be sure of what’s real and what isn’t. This may make you fearful and uncertain of how to move forward. Fear and anxiety can overwhelm us when we’re unsure of the world around us. You must trust your intuition. Go with your gut feelings. Put faith in yourself and your judgement. The Moon has Water associations meaning that your emotions, perceptions, and intuition will be your superpowers.

The Moon Love And Relationships Tarot Meaning

Your relationship isn’t what it seems. Up until now you’ve viewed and experienced your relationship in a certain way, but your viewpoint is beginning to shift. Perhaps you’re beginning to realise that you’ve been repressing aspects of yourself within the relationship. These aspects of yourself are now pushing themselves to the fore and you can’t repress them any longer. There’ll be a difficult period while you struggle to express your true self within the relationship. Don’t be afraid of this process. It’s something that needs to happen.  

Unfortunately, the theme of deception can’t be ignored when exploring the meaning of The Moon card in a relationship reading. If you’re wondering whether your partner is being unfaithful, for example, and The Moon appears in the reading, then you would have to consider the very real possibility that your partner is cheating on you.

On the other hand, it may be that your partner is keeping secrets from you, but that these aren’t secrets that will change your love for them. Everyone keeps some small secrets from their partners. The secrets represented by The Moon are a bit more serious than these little secrets and are likely to change how you view your partner, but I must stress that this doesn’t mean that you’ll view your partner in a negative light after learning the truth. All will be revealed in time and, when it is, it will completely change how you see things.

The Moon Career Tarot Meaning

Things are not how they seem. If you’ve been offered a new job, or are interested in a change of career, be sure to do your research before making a move. Appearances will be deceptive at this time. Tune in to your intuition and trust your gut above all else. All will be revealed in time, and this may well turn out to be the job of your dreams, but just be aware that you do not know all of the facts when The Moon appears in a reading. 

This is also true even if your job isn’t new. You may be expecting a certain outcome from a project, for example, but appearances are deceptive at the moment and you can’t be sure of the end result. Trust your intuition to guide you.

Someone may be keeping secrets from you or deceiving you. All will be revealed in time, but for now, bear this in mind when dealing with work colleagues. Again, trust your intuition and be perceptive to the energies surrounding you.  

The Moon Correspondences And Attributions