The World Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Coleman Smith, 1909

The World Keywords: Completion, Fulfillment, Achievement, Self-Realization

The World Tarot Card Description

Here we see a dancer surrounded by an oval wreath. She carries two wands and is naked except for a purple sash that wraps loosely around her. Although at first glance the dancer appears to be a woman, we can’t really tell as the genitals are hidden from view, and so, traditionally, the dancer has been considered to be both male and female.

The oval wreath surrounding the dancer reminds us that life is in a constant state of completion and creation. It’s a ‘world without end’. In some decks the wreath is replaced by an ouroboros (a snake eating its tail). This is a reminder that once a cycle is complete, a new one must begin. The two red ribbons, tying the wreath together, reinforce this message by forming two lemniscates ∞, or infinity symbols.

In the four corners of the card, we see four creatures – a lion representing Leo, the fixed Fire sign; an eagle representing Scorpio, the fixed Water sign; a man representing Aquarius, the fixed Air sign; and a bull representing Taurus, the fixed Earth sign. These beasts represent the four elements, which in turn are represented by Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot.

What The World Means In A Tarot Reading

Fulfillment, completion and achievement are key themes of The World card. This card appears when you’ve completed something big, something life-changing. It might be that you land your dream job, or that you complete a long period of study or apprenticeship. There’s a goal you’re about to achieve for which you’ve worked long and hard. The World shows that you have triumphed over obstacles and difficulties to achieve what you set your mind to.

Completing this goal will not only bring about physical changes in your life but will also bring about changes in your psyche and, so, when you see The World in a reading you can expect to see huge changes in your self-actualization, your self-development, your self-realization, your inner world. 

It doesn’t end there, however. Now that the cycle is complete, it must start over again. Nothing ever really ends. The cycle starts over and so The World is a sign to you that you will successfully complete one cycle and then go on to begin another – enhancing and empowering yourself a little more with each cycle you complete. The World appears at a point in our lives when our conscious and subconscious minds are aligning with the universal consciousness. It will appear for you when you’ve reconciled imbalance in your life and you’re living in harmony with your higher self. It represents you living to your highest potential and realizing your greatness. If The World is in a future position, then you’re on the path to revealing this knowledge and to recognizing the divinity within you.

The World Love And Relationships Tarot Meaning

If you’re reading about love, The World is a wonderful card to see. This love fulfills you and brings you great happiness. It’s very likely that this relationship will lead to a serious commitment, maybe even marriage. This is the real thing, and your partner feels the same about you as you do about them. If you’ve had relationship difficulties in the past The World shows that you’ve worked through them and have come out the other side more in love, happier, and more stable than ever before.

The World Career Tarot Meaning

This is a wonderful time for you. It’s your time of triumph and you’re about to achieve everything you set out to accomplish. If you’ve been working towards landing your dream job, then congratulations – it’s time to celebrate! This job will fulfill you emotionally, spiritually, and materially.

Or maybe you’ve been working towards a promotion or towards completing an important project. The World is telling you that you’re about to achieve your goal. If you’ve been working on starting your own business, then you’re going to experience the joy of success. Whatever it is that you’re working on is going to be fulfilling and successful.  

The World Correspondences And Attributions