The Emperor Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Coleman Smith, 1909.

The Emperor Keywords: Authority, Structure, Paternity

The Emperor Tarot Card Description

Key 4: The Emperor wears armour beneath his red robes. He wears a jewelled crown and holds a sceptre topped with ankh cross (the Egyptian symbol of life) in his right hand and a globe in his left.  He is a warrior king ruling over his dominion. His throne is decorated with four rams’ heads – the symbols of Aries. In the background we see barren mountains and a glimpse of small river at the foot of these.

What The Emperor Means In A Tarot Reading

The Emperor represents themes such as structure, stability, solid foundations, order, paternity and control. He uses rational thought and intellect to establish order. You should also use your intellect at this time to resolve problems and to establish order in your life. You must take control of the situation at hand. This is a time to act with resolve and self-belief. Just as the Emperor has knowledge and many years of experience, you also have the tools to put your life in order and to tackle any chaotic situations, or any problems that are affecting you at present.

Take note, however, that the Emperor rules over a barren landscape. Establish what is worth fighting for and which situations need to be controlled. Control for its own sake may not always be fruitful and beneficial to you.

The Emperor Love and Relationships Tarot Meaning

The Emperor often represents a father-like figure in a relationship, or perhaps your partner is older and has more life experience than you. Relationships with these partners can often be stable, secure and loving. However, your partner may also be one who seeks to have control over you and dominate you. Relationships where one partner attempts to control another are never healthy or happy. Remember too, that it may be you who represents the Emperor in your relationship.

The Emperor Career Tarot Meaning

The appearance of the Emperor in a career reading suggests that you’ll be using your knowledge and expertise to create order in your workplace. If you’re not your own boss already it might be time now to consider this option. Or perhaps you’re leading others and you’re displaying strong leadership skills. People look to you for guidance and support. It’s crucial, at this time, that you believe in yourself and that you’re not afraid to take command.

The Emperor can also represent someone who leads you in the workplace. This person has all the strong leadership skills mentioned above.

The Emperor Correspondences & Attributions