The Star Tarot Card Meanings

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Pamela Coleman Smith, 1909

The Star Keywords: Optimism, Hope, Inspiration

The Star Tarot Card Description

Eight stars shine brightly in the sky, one larger than the rest, and all of them eight-pointed. A naked woman kneels with one foot in the pool of the unconscious and the other foot on land, in the realm of consciousness. The pool is the pool of the unconscious that we also see in the High Priestess and in Temperance. She is mixing the waters of life; pouring water into the pool and, also, onto the land, where it forms rivulets that spread out across the land and back into the pool. Compare this to Temperance, who also mixes water, however, she mixes the water back and forth in a balanced way, representing a balance between conscious and unconscious awareness. The Star is pouring water one way, from the conscious to the unconscious. We see her naked, uninhibited, and free. She has nothing to hide. In the background we see a bird perched on a tree. This is an ibis, the bird associated with the Egyptian god Thoth. Thoth was the god of learning, writing, art, science, and magic. The depiction of the ibis here represents inspiration and hope.

What The Star Means In A Tarot Reading

After the hardship of The Tower, there’s a ray of light and hope – The Star. You’re entering a new phase where your hope and optimism are strengthened. You have faith in yourself and in the universe and can now see the endless possibilities of your future. Let The Star’s hope and optimism fill your heart. Anything is possible.

This is a card of happiness, peace, and harmony. You’ll enjoy a period of serenity and calm. Everything is as it should be and everything will be as it should. You’ll feel at one with the universe. You’ll understand how you fit perfectly into the grand scheme of things.

We see that the lady in The Star card is uninhibited and at ease with herself. She has nothing to hide. This is a time for you to be open and honest also, to be true to yourself. If you feel nervous about opening up about yourself, remember that you, your hopes and dreams, are in alignment and in harmony with the universe. Everything is as it should be.

The Star also represents generosity. You give generously to others and expect nothing in return. This is not so much about material generosity as generosity of spirit. You share your insights, wisdom, intuitive and spiritual knowledge, freely and without bias.

Inspiration is also a key theme of The Star. You’ll be inspired and motivated to do more and go further than you have up to now. You’ll tackle your plans and goals with renewed vigour because The Star’s hope and optimism shows you that what you thought too difficult, or even impossible, to achieve is actually within reach. You’ll be inspired to be the best version of yourself.

The Star Love And Relationships Tarot Meaning

Hope and optimism are dominant themes in your relationship. The relationship you’re reading about is one you’ll feel optimistic about, and with justification. This is a love full of hope and optimism about each other, about the relationship, and about the future. You’re both attracted to each other and at ease in each other’s company. There’s openness and honesty between you. It’s a strong relationship and there’s every indication that it’ll be a lasting one.

The Star Career Tarot Meaning

The Star is a lovely card to pull in a career reading, mainly because of the hope and optimism it represents. An open and optimistic outlook will help you to move forward in your career. Don’t allow minor setbacks to diminish your optimism. The Star in a career reading tells you that the outlook is really good.

It’s also a sign that you’ll be motivated and inspired to achieve great things. You’ll need to put the work in, but you’ll have the drive to do it.

Certain interests and career paths are traditionally associated with The Star, for example, astrology, astronomy, science, and philosophy. If you’re involved in one of these fields then The Star is a good omen of success.

The Star Correspondences And Attributions

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