Justice Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Coleman Smith, 1909

Justice Keywords: Balance, Accountability, Fairness, Legality

Justice Tarot Card Description

Justice is seated between two pillars with a purple curtain behind her. The purple curtain is symbolic of inner knowledge and wisdom, and we can see the yellow sky radiating behind it, symbolizing active energy and creativity. She is wearing a red robe, trimmed with green, and, also a green cloak and undergarment. The red of her robe is symbolic of passion, vitality, and fearlessness.On her head she wears a golden crown. In her right hand she holds a sword pointed upright and, in her left, she holds a scales. Her decisions are balanced and final. She is the familiar image of Justice based on the Ancient Greek Titaness, Themis, whose likeness is found on courthouse buildings around the world.

What Justice Means In A Tarot Reading

Balance and equilibrium are at play when you draw the Justice card. There is balance in the situation you’re reading about – you might experience it as a sense of fairness, or balance is about to come into your life. Equilibrium is being restored. This balance is man-made and external to yourself. For this reason, it can sometimes relate to legal situations. If so, Justice will be served, and the outcome will be fair and impartial. This is the card of human justice and external balance.

Justice also appears when you’re being held accountable for your actions. Every action we take has an equal reaction. Justice is calling your attention to this. You’re being asked to acknowledge the truth in the situation you’re reading about. It’s time for you to assess your part in creating this situation and take responsibility for your actions. The truth may be hard to face sometimes, and this may be an uncomfortable process for you. It’s essential for you to see the truth and to analyse your actions, however, if you’re to move forward.

Justice also relates to decisions that you need to make. You need to decide fairly, impartially and without prejudice. You need to consider the impact of the choice you make on those around you. Weigh all factors carefully before reaching a final verdict. Can you stand by your decision? Remember that you will be held accountable and that your decisions have consequences. Decisions made now will impact on your future.

When we see Justice in a reading we know that what happened, or is about to happen, is what should occur. It is what needs to happen in order for balance to be restored. If you aren’t confident that your actions were the correct ones and that you made the right choices, then you may find this restoration of balance uncomfortable. Remember, always consider the consequences of your actions and the decisions you make. This will be a fair outcome, even if you can’t see it at the time.  

Justice Love and Relationships Tarot Meaning

This is a balanced and rational relationship. Both of you are concerned with fairness and doing what is right. However, there may be a sense of coolness here. We need deep emotions – for better or worse – in a relationship, or we risk becoming cool and detached. We all say things we regret in our relationships, and make poor choices occasionally, but we do this out of passion and deep emotions. And, of course, the same passion and deep emotion allows us to love deeply and brings romance, and spark into our relationships. If we’re too balanced and careful, we risk losing this.

Justice Career Tarot Meaning

Either your present position, or one in the near future, involves making decisions that affect others. Remember to weigh all options and to decide fairly. Your decisions should be impartial and just. You need to be able to stand by them and not be afraid of being held accountable. You should take this responsibility seriously.

It’s also possible that you’re facing a significant decision in your current job. You’re giving this careful consideration. Base your decision on facts and the truth. It can sometimes be difficult to acknowledge the truth of a situation, but Justice calls on you to acknowledge all of the facts including those that you might rather ignore.

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