Four of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Coleman Smith, 1909

Four of Wands Keywords: Celebration, Harmony, Stability, Happiness

Four of Wands Tarot Card Description

Four wands are planted firmly in the ground. A garland, tied with ribbons, is strung across the tops. Two women, in the foreground, approach the wands. They have wreaths of flowers in their hair and are also carrying bouquets of flowers. Their hands are raised in celebration as they lead a crowd of people from the castle towards the wands. Yellow, representing happiness and joy, is the dominant colour of the card.

What The Four of Wands Means In A Tarot Reading

The number four represents stability, and we can see this clearly in the Four of Wands. The wands are planted in the ground like the four corners of a foundation. This sense of stability underlies whatever question, or issue, you’re reading about.

This will be a joyful and happy time for you. Happiness, success, and prosperity are key themes of the Four of Wands, and each will feel balanced in your life. Your work life balance will hit a sweet spot and will bring satisfaction and harmony to all other areas of your life.

You may be in the process of buying a house. If so, then the Four of Wands is a great omen. This is the card of firm foundations and stability, indicating that you’ll be settling yourself in one place. If you’re questioning your choice of house, or your decision to make a commitment and buy, this card is a clear sign that you’re making the right choice.  

The Four of Wands Love And Relationships Tarot Meaning

Celebration, harmony, stability, and happiness are key themes of the Four of Wands, making it a great card to see in a reading about love and relationships.

When you see the Four of Wands in a love reading there’s a strong possibility that the relationship you’re reading about will end in marriage or some other form of long-term commitment. This relationship is built on a solid foundation.

The Four of Wands points to a happy home, happy relationship, and happy family.

The Four of Wands Career Tarot Meaning

Harmony in work is a key theme here. If you work as part of a team, then you’ll work extremely well together and achieve success through cooperation.

The Four of Wands can also point to a celebration after completing a project or reaching a milestone at work. It’s time to down tools, relax, and enjoy yourself.

This card points to a successful and prosperous business built on solid foundations.

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