Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Colman Smith, 1909

Ace of Cups Keywords: Love, Abundance, Overflowing Emotions, Spirituality

Ace of Cups Tarot Card Description

A hand reaches out from the clouds holding a golden chalice. Five streams of water pour from the chalice to the water below. These are streams of inspiration and revelation sourced from our Higher Consciousness and flowing into the pool of our subconscious, where water lilies are in bloom. Drops of water, or dew, are also falling to the water below. These are shaped like the Hebrew letter ‘yod’, symbolizing divine inspiration.

The golden chalice is adorned with tiny bells, three of which we can see. There is some debate as to whether the letter engraved on the chalice is an M or a W. I believe it is an M, inverted when the chalice is upright, but right way up when you take a drink of this divine inspiration. In Holistic Tarot, 2015, Benebell Wen proposes that it is ‘an ‘M’ in reverse, representing the capitalized Greek letter ‘Mu’, which relates to the Phoenician letter ‘mem’, meaning water.’ This interpretation makes sense to me.

A dove descends to the chalice holding a communion wafer in its beak. I interpret this to be the Holy Spirit bringing divine inspiration to our conscious awareness. The dove represents the Holy Spirit, and the wafer symbolizes material, or physical, reality. In other words, divine inspiration and pure love are being manifested on the physical plane of reality.

What The Ace of Cups Means In A Tarot Reading

Aces represent opportunities. They are the seeds of potential. The suit of the Ace will tell you where in your life this opportunity lies. Cups represent Water energy. They tell us about emotions, intuition, and spiritual, inner life.

This is your heart and emotions overflowing. Joy and happiness surround you and fill your life. This is nourishment of your heart and soul.

The Ace of Cups in your reading can also indicate the beginnings of prosperity. There will be abundance – an overflowing of what you need and have wished for.

Rely on your intuition to help you understand and work through the situation you’re reading about. Trust your gut.

Ace of Cups Love And Relationships Tarot Meaning

The Ace of Cups is all about love. It’s a great card to see in a love reading. The relationship you’re reading about will bring you happiness and will fulfil you in every way. This is the type of relationship most of us hope to have in our lives. It’s happy, harmonious, loving, and supportive.

As this is an Ace, it’s possible that you’re about to meet someone new. This will then develop into the most wonderfully loving relationship. Equally, if you’re already in a relationship, it will develop and move to a new stage of deeper love and happiness. Perhaps you’ve been through a bad patch. The Ace of Cups is a positive sign that things are about to get much better. This is true love.

Ace of Cups Career Tarot Meaning

The job or career you’re reading about is the one that is meant for you. It will fulfil you spiritually, emotionally, and mentally.

If you’re considering a career change and you pull the Ace of Cups, take it as a sign that you’re on the right track. Or perhaps a new job opportunity has come up for you. If so, the Ace of Cups is telling you that this job will bring you great joy and happiness. It will feel like you’re fulfilling your destiny.

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