Five of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Colman Smith, 1909

Five of Cups Keywords: Loss, Regret, Sorrow

Five of Cups Tarot Card Description

A man in a long black cloak stands with his back to us looking down at three spilled cups lying on the ground beside him. Two upright cups are on the ground behind him. He’s standing by a river. We see a bridge a little way off that leads to a building in the distance.

What The Five of Cups Means In A Tarot Reading

The Five of Cups is about sorrow, loss, and regret. This card appears when we’ve lost something that was dear to us. We weren’t expecting the loss. It stops us in our tracks.

Something hasn’t turned out like you expected it would and now you’re mourning the loss of that path. There may also be feelings of regret when the Five of Cups appears. Getting lost in regret is incredibly self-destructive. Feeling sorry and making amends will help you on the path to healing, but wallowing in regret won’t help anyone. Eventually you’ll need to pick up the pieces and move on.

Two cups are still standing, but the man doesn’t see them. If he is aware of them, he’s choosing to ignore them for now. Everything isn’t lost and soon you’ll be able to acknowledge and accept that. You’ll recognize the value of what remains and you’ll leave this episode behind you. The bridge in the background shows you that there is a way forward and that you can continue your journey when you’re ready to do so.

Five of Cups Love And Relationships Tarot Meaning  

When you see the Five of Cups in a love reading, you’re going to be dealing with a difficult situation and difficult emotions. If your relationship is going through a bad patch and you’re afraid it’s about to end, the Five of Cups is urging you to concentrate on what’s still good about it. Look at all the good aspects and work with those. Try not to dwell on mistakes made in the past, or on past hurts and regrets. If you do this, you can’t move on, and your relationship will continue to suffer and will possibly end.

Or perhaps your relationship has already ended. This is an incredibly difficult time and you need to allow yourself to grieve. You do have emotional support however. You just need to reach out and accept it. It’s even possible that a new relationship is on the horizon for you.

While the Five of Cups is about sorrow, loss, and regret, there’s always hope. Something remains and when you’re ready you can pick up the pieces and move on.

Five of Cups Career Tarot Meaning

You’ve suffered a setback in your career. This has really hit you hard. You can’t stop thinking about it and you’re not sure what to do next. It’s likely you regret a decision you made or something you did. Remember though that regret can suck you into a cycle of negative thinking. There’s still something to salvage from your career. You can pick up the pieces and move on. Once you do decide to move on, the way is clear – as symbolized by the bridge in the background.

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