King of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Colman Smith, 1909

King of Cups Keywords: Diplomatic, Wise, Caring

King of Cups Tarot Card Description

The King of Cups sits on a throne set on a small platform in a rough sea. He is dressed sumptuously in a blue robe and a yellow cloak, trimmed in red. What appears to be the same red velvet is also visible on his gold crown. In his left hand he holds a small sceptre upright, and in his right, a large golden cup. In the background we can see a fish leaping from the water and a ship rolling on the waves.

What the King of Cups Means In A Tarot Reading

Interpreting court cards (Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages) can sometimes be challenging in a reading. Quite often though, the court card represents you. It might be giving you information on the energy, personality traits, and outlook you need to bring to the situation you’re reading about. Or the court card may simply represent you as you as others see you, or you as you are at your core. This interpretation will vary from reading to reading and at different times in your life you’ll find yourself taking on the traits of different court cards.

Despite the emotional turmoil in the world around him, we see that the King of Cups remains calm, steady, and focused. This is a leader who, although he feels deeply, is in control of his emotions. He is wise, mature, charismatic, and diplomatic, with excellent people skills. People look to him for leadership, and he provides an example for them to follow.

This is someone who feels deep compassion for people. When he interacts with others, he uses empathy and intuition to understand where they’re coming from. As with all the Cups court cards, he taps easily into his intuition and knows how to interpret the insights it gives him. This insight and his sharp intellect mean that people will often go to him for advice. He’s a good listener and has the wisdom and maturity to know how to help.

There’s some indication that, despite his calm demeanour, this person has stress in his life. He deals with this well and maintains control of his emotions. Life has taught him this skill and we see that he is now a mature and wise individual who can offer valuable advice and insights.

The King of Cups has diverse interests. He has a creative imagination and is representative of success and mastery in artistic and creative endeavours. He is traditionally linked to the arts and sciences and has strong skills in law and business. This is also someone who may have a rich spiritual life or be committed to a religious path.

As a water-dominant Cup card the King of Cups has strong people skills, however, as with all the Cup court cards, he can be moody at times. Another trait that is shared among the Cup courts is a possible gift for prophecy. If you receive psychic insights at this time pay attention to them. Trust your intuition.

King of Cups Love and Relationships Tarot Meaning

The King of Cups may represent you, your partner, or a potential partner in a reading. It’s also possible that the appearance of this King is a nudge to you that you need to take on some of his traits. Being more like the King of Cups at this time will be beneficial to your relationship.

The King of Cups is in touch with his emotions; he understands them, can control them, and isn’t afraid of expressing them. You should take inspiration from this and not be afraid of expressing your own emotions. Tell someone how you feel. Show love and affection. Be tender, loving, and kind. Don’t shy away from your feelings.

King of Cups Career Tarot Meaning

The King of Cups is traditionally linked to professions in law, business, and the church. His nature also draws links to the medical, helping, and teaching professions. Perhaps you’re considering a move into a similar career path. If so, then it’s likely to suit you and you’re likely to be successful and happy. Creativity, literature, and art are also associated with this King and are avenues to bear in mind if the King of Cups appears when you’re reading about possible career paths.

Alternatively, someone with King of Cups traits and characteristics may be affecting you or your career at this time. You’ll find that this person will have a positive impact. They’re charismatic, friendly, and helpful. They also give wise advice and will be open to any questions you have.

The King of Cups is a strong and effective leader. You may find that you need to embody this characteristic in your career. Consider this King’s traits and characteristics and see if you can incorporate them into your own leadership style. The appearance of this card in a career reading encourages you to do so.

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