Two of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Colman Smith, 1909

Two of Swords Keywords: Stalemate, Difficult Choice

Two of Swords Tarot Card Description

A blindfolded woman sits on a stone bench at the edge of rippling waters. Her arms are crossed, and she balances two large swords against her shoulders. Her posture is strong and erect. There’s a waxing crescent moon overhead and rocks protrude from the rippling water behind her.

What the Two of Swords Means In A Tarot Reading

The Two of Swords appears when you’re faced with a difficult choice. There’s no right or wrong option; both are equal in their pros and cons. You’ll find that choosing is the hard part here, but living with your decision won’t be as hard as you might think. Neither option seems very appealing to you, which of course is one of the reasons it’s so hard to choose between the two, but both are equally weighted. You won’t regret whatever decision you come to.

You’ll rely on logic and intellect to work this out. Notice how the lady’s heart is closed off and protected by her crossed arms. She’s also wearing a blindfold to protect her from outside influences and distractions. You need time to think things through. This isn’t the time to act. Take stock, weigh up your options, consider all possibilities, and when you’re happy that you’ve given your situation enough thought, make your decision without any anxiety or worry. You will choose the correct option for you at this time.

Notice how strong and poised the lady sits. The swords are a considerable burden and yet she seems to hold them with ease. This tells you that you won’t be overwhelmed. You’re mentally and physically strong, and although you’re concerned and preoccupied by your situation, you’re not consumed by it. You can cope and you will prevail.

The waxing crescent moon is a further indication that everything will work out well for you. This is a time of new beginnings and fresh starts.  

Another reading of the Two of Swords is peace. This is peace that comes from halted conflict. It’s a time to pause and take stock of your situation. You’ve arrived at a stalemate and the only thing to do is to stop and consider other options. This reading of the Two of Swords can go very deep, and it may take time before you can see a way out. But remember the waxing crescent moon – you will find a way!

Two of Swords Love and Relationships Tarot Meaning

The same meanings apply in a love reading. You’re dealing with a difficult choice that you need to make. Perhaps you’re faced with the dilemma of choosing between two lovers. Or you might be choosing between your career and a relationship. The possibilities are endless really and no matter what your situation, the reading of the Two of Swords remains the same. You need to take stock of your situation, weigh up your options, and use logic and reason to come to a decision. Your heart is protected and, while you won’t find it easy to come to a decision, you won’t regret the choice you make.

Two of Swords Career Tarot Meaning

You’ve a difficult career choice to make and right now you feel like you don’t have any idea what to do. The Two of Swords in your reading is showing your difficulty in making this decision, but it’s also telling you that you’re going to make the right decision. It’ll all work out for the best in the end, although it certainly doesn’t feel like that to you right now. You’re preoccupied with the thought of what might happen if you make the wrong decision, but please try to have faith that there’s no right or wrong option here. There are two very different options available to you, but both are equal in their pros and cons. You will make the right decision.

Like the lady in the card – take time to consider your next move, assess your options, and remain strong.

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