6 Reasons To Love Online Tarot Readings

An online Tarot reading? Really?? How does that even work?

If you’ve had an online Tarot reading, then you know how wonderful they are. If you haven’t, here’s 6 reasons why you should.

1. Convenience

Online Tarot readings are super convenient. This is especially true as we try to limit our contacts during this pandemic. And it’ll always be true. You can book an online reading anytime, from anywhere. No more waiting until you visit the city where your favourite, or most recommended, Tarot reader lives, only to plan a trip and realize that she’s booked up for the next 3 months. With an online Tarot reading, you can plan it, book it, and enjoy it all from the comfort of your home – or wherever you happen to be.

2. You know exactly what you’re getting

Have you ever booked an in-person Tarot reading and not been sure of exactly what you’ll be getting? This doesn’t always happen, but it can happen and quite often too. When I was in my early twenties I booked a couple of readings and the only thing I was sure of going into them was the price and that the readings would last for 30-45 minutes. Online readings are different. When a client books a reading with me they choose how many questions they’d like answered and roughly how many cards will be in each spread – I say ‘roughly’ because sometimes I’ll read more cards than were asked for. Clients are clear on what they’ll get for their money before they ever book the reading.

3. There’s no prejudice

Unfortunately, there are Tarot readers out there who allow their biased opinions of you, when they meet you, to affect their interpretation of your cards. They may see a middle-aged woman wearing a wedding ring who seems downtrodden and care-worn, and this then forms the basis of their reading of you as someone having marriage problems – this mightn’t be the best example, but you get where I’m going with it. This doesn’t happen with an online reading. The reader doesn’t know you, what you look like, where you live, or anything else about you unless you choose to reveal it. This means that they’re reading the cards without any prejudice or preconceived notions. They’re simply reading the cards to answer your questions. They’re tapping into the pool of universal consciousness to get a clear and true picture of what’s going on in your life and relaying that information to you.

4. The reader has the opportunity to reflect on the Tarot reading before delivering it to you

This is probably the thing I love most about online readings. When someone books an online reading with me, I very rarely dive in and do the reading immediately. Rather, I choose the perfect time to do it. There won’t be a long delay – a day or two usually, but the timing will be just right. When I do the reading, I jot down some initial thoughts and feelings, and I photograph the spread. I then allow those thoughts to (and I don’t know exactly how to put this) embed themselves in my consciousness, so that when it comes to writing up the reading I’ve a clear picture of what the cards are trying to tell the client. Tarot cards never mean the same thing for every person in every situation and so this period of reflection can really enhance the reading. I then write everything up very clearly in pdf format.

An in-person reading doesn’t allow for this kind of deep thought where you become conscious of the message for the client by allowing yourself to absorb the reading and to reflect on the particular meanings the cards have for them. That’s not to say in-person readings can’t be great – they absolutely can, but writing up a reading for someone really focuses your attention on the details and the process of writing also forces you to reflect more deeply on what you’re saying to the client.

5. You have a record of the reading

When the pdf of your reading and the picture of the card spread arrive in your inbox, you have a perfect record of your reading, which you can refer to again and again. When you read through it the first time some elements of the reading might click with you straightaway, but I think the real value comes when you read back over the reading over the coming days, or even weeks, or months. Each re-reading will highlight something else for you, or something will have happened that will bring you more insight into what the cards are telling you.

When I write up an online reading I explain each position in the card spread, what each card means in its position, how it relates to other cards in the spread, and how the cards chosen answer your question/s. You can study the reading and its meaning for you, adding your own interpretations to mine if you wish, when the time feels right for you.

6. It’s very easy to stay in touch online

Lastly, it’s very easy to stay in touch with your reader by email. If I’m unclear about something I can pop a quick email to my client, and of course if my clients have any questions about their readings they can do the same. I find that my online clients are loyal regulars who come back for online readings because they’re so effective and it’s so easy for us to stay in touch. Also, when you consider the time spent reading the cards, writing up a clear and thoughtful pdf, and answering questions on the reading, they really are great value for money.

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