Temperance Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Coleman Smith, 1909.

Temperance Keywords: Balance, Moderation, Blending

Temperance Tarot Card Description

The Angel of Temperance is neither male nor female, although we often refer to her as she. She stands with one foot in a pool of water and one foot on the earth. The pool of water is the subconscious and the earth is the conscious mind. Temperance stands balanced between both these levels of awareness. She wears a long white robe. In the middle of her chest we see a triangle within a square. The square represents physical reality and the triangle represents spirit. Here we have the spiritual combined with the physical. Above this, stitched into the Angel’s robe, we see יהוה. This is the Hebrew Tetragrammaton YHVH for Yahweh.

On her forehead we see the symbol for the sun, Ꙩ. There is also a sun, in the form of a golden crown, shining between two mountain peaks. This is a symbol of the glowing light of the Divine. To reach these mountain peaks you must travel along a winding path over rough terrain, symbolic of life’s journey and ultimate destination. In her hands she holds two chalices, or goblets, representing the unconscious and the subconscious. Temperance is pouring water from one to the other, amalgamating the two.

What Temperance Means In A Tarot Reading

Sometimes called the ‘healing card’, Temperance represents balancing, tempering, and moderation. It is the mixing and balancing of the spiritual and material aspects of your life. Your conscious and subconscious will be aligned. In fact, all levels of consciousness are being brought into alignment and balance. This alignment will bring healing and balance into all aspects of your life. You’ve experienced life’s ups and downs, and dealt with many challenges, but now balance is being restored.

Temperance calls upon you to work with these healing energies; reconciling opposites, acknowledging different opinions, compromising, gathering together everything that you need (information, tools, expertise, etc). Doing this will bring you the answers, solutions and progress that you need. There’s also a sense in Temperance that the timing is just right. Everything will fall into place just when it’s meant to.

Be moderate in all things. When Temperance energy is present, moderate your actions and don’t indulge in excess. You’ll be patient and accommodating of others. You’ll be able to consider all viewpoints before reaching a conclusion. In short, you’ll be in harmony within yourself and with the world around you.

Temperance Love And Relationships Tarot Meaning

You and your partner are opposites who attract. You need the balancing energy of Temperance in your relationship. Compromise, moderation, and cooperation will be key to the success of this relationship.

If you’re having relationship difficulties and Temperance appears in a reading, you’re being advised to calm and balance your emotions. Anger, jealousy, fear, spite, resentment, or any other extreme emotions will only add to your difficulties. The time has come now for cooperation and compromise. Calm your emotions. Find internal balance and equilibrium. When you have achieved this, you will make progress in communicating with your partner.

The same applies if you’re single and looking for love. Temperance advises you to look within and moderate your emotions. Find internal balance. Doing so will bring you contentment and peace, and it will also open up new possibilities in your relationships with others.

Temperance Career Tarot Meaning

Temperance is the card of good management. You have skills in managing time, finances, and people. Use and develop these skills.  

As this is also the card of tempering and modifying, you may need to find a balance between your knowledge and the tasks that you’re required to do in your job. If you’re starting a new job, prepare to learn new skills and add them to your repertoire. You may also be involved in people management and be required to bring the knowledge base and skills of your colleagues into alignment with the requirements of the job. Or you may need to facilitate an atmosphere of harmony and cohesion within your team.

Networking may be a significant component of your job. If you don’t have skills in this area, or in developing cooperation between different people, and different skillsets, you will develop these skills and be called upon to use them. You’ll have a knack for blending people, teams, skills, information, etc, to get results and get the job done. 

Temperance Correspondences And Attributions


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