Page of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Coleman Smith, 1909

Page of Wands Keywords: Energetic, New Ideas, Excitement, Adventure

Page of Wands Tarot Card Description

A young person, dressed in red, orange, and yellow, stands in a desert with three mountains in the background. He/She holds a wand in both hands and stands confidently, with head held high. The flame-like trim of the boots and the colour of the clothing is symbolic of the Wands’ association with the element of Fire. The tunic is decorated with salamanders, also associated with Fire. Notice too that the mountains are triangular-shaped, like the alchemical symbol for Fire.

The clear blue sky in the background is symbolic of the clear thoughts and conscience of the Page.

What The Page of Wands Means In A Tarot Reading

Interpreting court cards (Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages) can sometimes be challenging in a reading. Quite often though, the court card represents you. It might be giving you information on the energy, personality traits, and outlook you need to bring to the situation you’re reading about. Or the court card may simply represent you as you as others see you, or you as you are at your core. This interpretation will vary from reading to reading and at different times in your life you’ll find yourself taking on the traits of different court cards.

The Page of Wands is youthful, enthusiastic, energetic, and free-spirited. This is somebody who is optimistic about the future and believes that they can achieve anything they set their mind to. To further understand this Page’s traits and characteristics, just think about the element of Fire – passionate, energetic, creative, motivated, competitive, highly emotional.

The colours of the Page’s clothing, the desert background, the triangular-shaped mountains, and the salamanders are all references to this Page’s Fire associations. Salamanders are elementals that can control fire. They’re resourceful and resilient – traits that will be empowered in you when you embody Page of Wands energy.

Wand energy is inspiring, creative, and energetic. The Page of Wands is the youthful expression of these traits. When you’re filled with Page of Wands energy, you’ll also be inspired, creative, enthusiastic, and full of energy. If you intuit that this card doesn’t represent you in a reading, then you’ll soon meet someone like this Page. 

Prepare for adventure and excitement when you see the Page of Wands. You won’t be fearful of what’s ahead. You’ll be excited to take on new challenges. This is the spirit of adventure within you.

As with all of the Pages in Tarot, the appearance of the Page of Wands in a reading can be a sign that you’re going to receive news. Given this Page’s Fire attributions, the news he/she brings will quite often be related to a job or a project that you’re working on.

Page of Wands Love And Relationships Tarot Meaning

Intuition will tell you whether the Page of Wands represents you, your lover/potential lover, or both of you.  When this Page appears in a love reading, either you or your partner are bringing the qualities described above (passion, excitement, energy, creativity, enthusiasm, etc.) to the relationship. Or perhaps you’re about to meet someone who is like this Page.

Remembering that the Page of Wands often signifies the beginning of a new passion, there’s a strong possibility that its appearance in a reading is telling you that a passionate new relationship is on the cards for you.

It’s also possible that the appearance of this Page is telling you that you’re about to receive news about your relationship.

Page of Wands Career Tarot Meaning

As I mentioned above, the appearance of the Page of Wands in a career reading can often mean that you’re going to receive news about a job or a project that you’re working on. Or it may even be that you’ve recently had a job interview and you’re about to receive news about that.

Wands are particularly associated with jobs, career, creativity, your passions, motivation, and energy. The Page of Wands can signify the start of a new project, a new job on the horizon, or a career change. This is about the start of something new and exciting. You’ll feel highly motivated and energized. Be open to new opportunities. This will be an exciting and creative time for you.

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