Knight of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Coleman Smith, 1909

Knight of Wands Keywords: Energetic, Swift-Acting, Hot-Headed

Knight of Wands Tarot Card Description

The scene here calls to mind the Page of Wands. The Knight is in the same desert with three pyramid-shaped mountains in the background. He wears full armour, decorated with fiery plumes. His yellow surcoat is emblazoned with salamanders and decorated with a flame-edged trim. Even the mane of his brown horse is reminiscent of flames. Everything here, from the colours used, to the horse’s stance, hammers home this card’s Fire associations.

What The Knight of Wands Means In A Tarot Reading

This Knight is the embodiment of pure Fire energy. This is someone dynamic, optimistic, courageous, enthusiastic, charming, confident, competitive, driven (especially when it comes to their career), and extroverted. They’re creative, full of new ideas, quick to make decisions and quick to act on those decisions. These are all attractive qualities in a person, but of course this Knight also embodies the less attractive qualities of a Fire personality. They can be hot-headed and immature. They sometimes stir up trouble and easily get into fights and arguments. Their confidence can sometimes turn into cockiness. They don’t always listen to the advice of others, or take time to reflect on their decisions, before jumping head-first into tricky situations.

If you see the Knight of Wands in a reading it can be a sign that you need to take on some of his/her more positive qualities. Be courageous and push forward confidently. The trick here is to try to be self-aware so that you’re not also embodying the Knight’s more negative traits.

Or perhaps you recognize yourself in this Knight. These Fire qualities will help you to advance quickly and get shit done. You’ll find that you’re able to inspire others to action too as people find you charming and charismatic. Just keep in mind that you may need to work on keeping your temper in check and that some decisions require reflection and a level-head before you rush headlong into them. You may find, after an event, that you acted immaturely. Acknowledge this and work on developing yourself.

In a more general sense, the appearance of the Knight of Wands in a reading can be indicative of a whirlwind of action that surrounds you at the moment. Events might be unfolding quickly. This is active energy, but because of the immaturity of the Knight this energy can quickly become scattered. Use this energy in a focused way to make progress. The Knight of Wands can point to a tendency to start things, but not finish them. Try to be aware of this and maintain your focus. You’ll make great advances if you do.

Knight of Wands Love And Relationships Tarot Meaning

Usually, when the Knight of Wands appears in a love reading, he/she represents your partner or a potential partner. This is someone with the Fire-dominant traits described above. People like the Knight of Wands are usually very attractive, sexy, and charming. It’s a joy to be around them and to soak up their enthusiasm and vitality.

On the flipside, there will be times when you’ll also have to deal with their hot-headedness, thoughtlessness, and immaturity.

It’s also possible, however, that you’re the Knight of Wands in your relationship. If this is the case, then now is as good a time as any to be honest with yourself. Embrace the positive aspects of your Fire personality, while also taking the initiative to act more maturely when the situation calls for it. Be ready to step up for your relationship.

If you’re reading about a new relationship, then you can expect things to develop very quickly. It’ll be passionate and intense right from the beginning. Commitment may be lacking, however.

Knight of Wands Career Tarot Meaning

The Knight of Wands is a positive omen in a career reading. Its appearance suggests that a creative project, or your career goals, are advancing quickly. You’ve got the energy and drive to push forward. You’re also making a positive impression on the people around you. They’re impressed by your stamina and find you charismatic and charming. You’re not yet at the level of maturity of the King of Wands, where people easily follow your lead, but you’re certainly making the right impression.

Embody Knight of Wands energy if you want to make progress in your career. The trick will be to embody the Knight’s positive traits while trying to minimize his more negative characteristics.

It’s also possible that the Knight of Wands represents someone else in your reading and not you. If this is the case, then you can expect to have dealings with someone like this Knight. This person will have a significant impact on your work life. They’ll bring energy and enthusiasm to the job. Again, be mindful of the more negative personality traits that this Knight can embody, however, this person will have a positive impact on your career overall.

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