Page of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Colman Smith, 1909

Page of Cups Keywords: Imaginative, Creative, Intuitive, Sensitive

Page of Cups Tarot Card Description

A young person dressed in bright, colourful clothes, holds a golden cup. He/she contemplates a fish as it emerges from the cup. In the background we see a rolling river, or perhaps it is the sea.

What The Page of Cups Means In A Tarot Reading

Interpreting court cards (Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages) can sometimes be challenging in a reading. Quite often though, the court card represents you. It might be giving you information on the energy, personality traits, and outlook you need to bring to the situation you’re reading about. Or the court card may simply represent you as you as others see you, or you as you are at your core. This interpretation will vary from reading to reading and at different times in your life you’ll find yourself taking on the traits of different court cards.

The Page of Cups is youthful, sensitive, loving, and tender-hearted. This is someone who is kind, caring, with strong people skills, and who is always willing to help out in some way. He/she is deeply connected with their emotions. Connected to the element of Water, this Page trusts their gut and relies heavily on their intuition. They can access their subconscious more easily than most. This is someone with strong Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces influence and, as with all people with a strong Water influence, this means that the Page of Cups can be moody at times.

The Page of Cups is artistic, poetic, and imaginative. The fish emerging from the cup represents that imagination and creativity. This is someone who creates, or who is interested in the arts. When this Page appears to you in a reading, you may be in the process of creating something new. Your artistic and imaginative side are shining through. It’s a time to create things of wonder and beauty.

Pages are often connected to news and messages. The news the Page of Cups brings can relate to an engagement, marriage, or the birth of a child; or it may be news regarding your relationships with others. The news will affect you emotionally.

Pages can also represent beginnings. The Page of Cups in a reading may indicate that you’re about to embark on a new artistic project, or perhaps a new relationship, or friendship. Whatever it is, you will be deeply connected to it emotionally. It will have a lasting impact on you.

Page of Cups Love and Relationships Tarot Meaning

In a love reading, you may be in a relationship with someone who is like the Page of Cups, or perhaps the Page of Cups is you. Or maybe you’re going to meet someone with a Page of Cups personality.

Pages can represent beginnings and so this Page may indicate the start of a new relationship. If this is the case, then this relationship will be filled with joy, happiness, kindness, and sensitivity. You’ll rely heavily on your intuition to navigate this relationship.

As this Page can bring news of an engagement, marriage, or birth, perhaps this interpretation can be applied to your current relationship. Circumstances and other cards in the spread will help you to decipher this. It’s also possible that the Page of Cups is telling you that you’re about to become more emotionally committed in your current relationship.

If your current relationship is going through a rough patch, this Page may indicate a lack of maturity when processing difficult emotions, despite good intentions. A fresh start seems very likely – either within the relationship, where you both agree to put in the work to surmount your difficulties and start afresh, or a fresh start outside of the relationship. Either way, trust your instincts. Listen to your gut. A positive outcome is indicated.

Page of Cups Career Tarot Meaning

In a reading about your job or career the appearance of the Page of Cups can mean that someone like this Page will have an impact on your working life. If you meet someone like this Page in a work situation, then you can be sure that they’ll be helpful to you. This person is cooperative and kind-hearted and will affect your work in some way.

It may also be the case that you’re about to receive news on the job front – news that will have an emotional impact on you.

If you’re wondering about what type of career would most suit you and would make you happiest at this time, then the Page of Cups is a very strong indicator that you’ll find artistic and creative fields satisfying and fulfilling. Any career where you can use your imagination and connect with your emotions will bring you joy.

Perhaps you’re reading about a change of career, or a new job. If so, then keep an eye out for opportunities that allow you to express yourself freely and where you can use your creativity.

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