Knight of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Pamela Colman Smith, 1909

Knight of Cups Keywords: Charming, Artistic, Romantic

Knight of Cups Tarot Card Description

A knight in full armour rides a horse and holds a golden cup. He wears a tunic with a design of fish and water over his armour. Wings adorn his helmet and his boots. He is riding towards a small river. Hills and trees are visible in the background.

What the Knight of Cups Means In A Tarot Reading

Interpreting court cards (Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages) can sometimes be challenging in a reading. Quite often though, the court card represents you. It might be giving you information on the energy, personality traits, and outlook you need to bring to the situation you’re reading about. Or the court card may simply represent you as you as others see you, or you as you are at your core. This interpretation will vary from reading to reading and at different times in your life you’ll find yourself taking on the traits of different court cards.

Although we see him dressed in armour, the Knight of Cups isn’t a warlike personality. This is someone graceful and gentle. He/She is charming and charismatic, with great people skills. This is someone who inspires and motivates you. Or perhaps you’re exhibiting these Knight of Cups qualities yourself. Equally, the Knight of Cups may have appeared in your reading as an indication that the best way for you to move forward is to take on the characteristics of this knight.

This is someone highly intelligent. They’re creative and have artistic talent, or they’re interested in the arts, poetry, music, and dance. Dreams and imagination inspire this Knight. If he appears to you in a reading reach deep into your emotional, subconscious self and find inspiration to feed your imagination and create.

As with all the Cups court cards, the Knight of Cups, relies on intuition to guide him. He trusts his emotions. He also understands the feelings of those around him and can empathize and sympathize with them. This is a time for you to trust your intuition. Go deep and explore your feelings and emotions. The answer and guidance you seek is within you. Trust yourself.

This deep connection with the emotional self can mean that the Knight of Cups has a tendency to be moody – a trait that is common in all Water signs.

Knights in Tarot can appear as messengers bringing news or an invitation. If this is the case in your reading, then the news or invitation that he brings will have a deep emotional impact on you. Occasionally, the news may be about a birth, engagement, or marriage. Perhaps you’ll receive a wedding invitation, or you’re sending invitations to others.

Knight of Cups Love and Relationships Tarot Meaning

The Knight of Cups is the most romantic of the four Tarot Knights. He’s attractive, charming, and in touch with his emotions. Consequently, his appearance in a love reading is almost always a positive omen.

The Knight of Cups may represent you, your partner, or your potential partner in a love reading. Either way, there’s romance in the air. As the Knights bring action to any situation, you’ll find that things are progressing somewhat more swiftly than usual. Perhaps, you’re ready to make a commitment in this relationship. Change is in the air, whatever this means in your situation.

If you’re hoping to meet someone new, then there’s a strong chance that you’ll meet someone with Knight of Cups traits.

If you’re already in a relationship, then you’re relying on your emotions and intuition to guide you. Romance is a priority and there’s love, gentleness, and sensitivity between you and your partner.

Likewise, the Knight of Cups may appear as a sign that you should embody his qualities in your relationship. If you’re experiencing relationship difficulties and this Knight appears, it may be time to listen more carefully to your intuition. Perhaps empathizing with your partner and trying to figure out and understand where they’re coming from will help you to understand how to improve the situation. Or perhaps more sensitivity and gentleness from you both is what’s needed. Relationship difficulties often seem unresolvable when you’re going through them, but the Knight of Cups is encouraging you to explore the possibilities he represents. At any rate, his energy is called for at this time and it will represent a positive move forward for you.

Knight of Cups Career Tarot Meaning

Now is a time to be creative, to use your imagination, and to trust your intuition in the workplace.

If you’ve recently started in a new job, or you’re considering a change of career, the Knight of Cups is telling you that you’ll find this job emotionally fulfilling. You’ll be allowed to let your creativity shine and your heartfelt input will be valued.

If there have been conflicts in your workplace, the Knight of Cups indicates that these will be resolved. This Knight brings an atmosphere of tact, diplomacy, and peace to situations.

As with all Knights in the Tarot, the Knight of Cups may signal that there will be more activity and action than usual surrounding your work. The Knight of Cups isn’t as action oriented as the Knight of Wands, or the Knight of Swords, but his appearance is still a strong indication that there will be progress and developments regarding your career.

Perhaps you’ll receive a message that will bring advancement. If you’ve recently applied for a job, keep an eye on your inbox!

On some occasions the appearance of this card means that someone who is like the Knight of Cups will affect you in the workplace. This person will be helpful to you.

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